Studio Corelam

our challenge

Less is more.

Corelam Studio is a defiance against the conventions, and a new way of living.

Nowadays, life has progressed so much that people are going to be living all around the world, at least in urban areas, in smaller and smaller spaces. As a result, we really want to change the way people live and work through creating new objects. We are really interested in the way humans interact and consume furnitures today, specifically in our use of Corelam.

Corelam is a very polarizing material, disruptive, and cannot be contained. People will either like it, or it won't appeal to them - especially in a photo! People are into Corelam when they can actually touch, feel, and see how it's affected by life and surrounding elements. However, beyond admiration for the product and the materials, we want to challenge what people think about furnitures, what makes them buy a piece of furniture, what is that decision-making process, and many more questions!

What makes consumers decide when they’re going to buy a piece of furniture. What’s that decision process? Is it based purely on an impulse--similar to an IKEA experience where you walk away with things you probably don’t really need? We’re challenging people to make an intellectual and rational decision as to why they would want to purchase a piece of what we’re doing.

Our furniture and items are subtle and humble enough that they would fit into your room naturally where they’re not going to clash with the surrounding space. They're going to assimilate into your living space and environment, making small but powerful statements.

When we think of design, it is something that you do not notice at all times. However, when you actually look at a design object and analyze it, and arrive at the conclusion that it is a really well-done piece--that, to us, is good design. Studio Corelam strives to achieve that kind of quality design--one that is loud in its own way, one that is composed, but definitely not silent.

Founder: Christian Blyt