Studio Corelam


things we live with


Smaller Items is a collection of objects in our everyday life. These objects are made with Corelam, a corrugated plywood manufactured with our custom-made hydraulic press.

Our Corelam objects challenge the conventional aesthetics of ordinary objects. Studio Corelam's design philosophy is expressed through the choice of material, and our application of the material to the final products.

We often see objects such as plates to be conventionally flat, and sometimes made and consumed without much consideration. However, the pieces in the Smaller Items challenge such notions. By bringing a disruptive material into objects that are often considered silent, by taking an unconventional approach to a conventional object. Smaller Items poses questions to the consumers:

What are these objects?

What do these objects mean?

How do these objects travel with us throughout our lives?

Smaller Items invite you to think through these objects and their meanings. The waves, the rhythms. We believe that our items should do more than carrying out their duties. They should challenge us, and evoke thoughts from us--the way Corelam challenge and defy the conventions of functionality and beauty.