A pile of Moi Boxes

Moi Box Design Vancouver Studio Corelam

Regrouping after the holidays is not an easy task, especially if some members of the team went surfing in Tofino. Waves aside, we had to send out our first big shipment and we were yet to finish up making the Moi Boxes. 

In two days of work we managed to put the finishing touches (sanding, oiling, assembling, quality testing) and the boxes started piling up. It's an awesome feeling to see a finished product. 

Moi Box Studio Corelam Design

When we were designing the package we wanted the Corelam top and the wood to be visible, this is why we opted for a sleeve. We chose the guys at Vanprint to print them and they did a great job! We bought the shipping boxes at Uline and they were delivered the next day. Impressive.

Prototyping Design

We have a few more boxes to finish. Soon after that we are going to design furniture and we'll need your help. More about it in the next post.