A precious insight into people's homes

Less than two weeks ago we launched our survey to better understand modern day home and furniture. The response has been unbelievably high. As of today more than 100 people took the time and answered our questions.  

We haven't started analyzed the results yet, but wanted to share some interesting facts. For example the most used piece of furniture is a couch (respondents really really love their couches), followed by a desk, coat hanger, coffee table, night stand and a lamp. The survey demonstrates that people move a lot and like taking their furniture with them. They also want it to last for a long time. Furniture that allows easy assembly/disassembly is very appreciated.

When asked to provide features that people value the most in furniture, aesthetic appeal undoubtedly ranks first, followed by functionality, affordability, wooden component to it, sustainability and local production. Surprisingly brands don't play an important role.

The responses encouraged us to continue playing with those ideas we had and we've already started on some interesting prototypes. We'll write more about them in the future posts.

We are excited to announce that we've found our first partner. It's called Kabuni and it offers a great platform for the design community - from their coworking and event space to their commitment to improve the experience of living through great design, community spirit, showcasing sustainable products, or supporting local charities. We are really looking forward to work with them.