From ideas to prototypes

The survey we ran in the beginning of January gave us a great understanding of how furniture is used and which pieces of furniture are actually needed in the modern day home. We used this newly acquired knowledge to thoroughly scrutinize the ideas we had so far and to come up with new ones.

This meant we had to throw some designs off the table and start making better ones. At the end of the process, we decided to start prototyping three pieces of furniture that make the most sense according to the survey and to our production capabilities. These three pieces are: a coat hanger, a leaning shelf and a multifunctional stool.

Capilano - The coat hanger

Most of the survey respondents said that the piece of furniture they use every day and can’t imagine life without is the couch. Since we are not able to manufacture couches at the moment, we looked at the next highest rated piece of furniture. That is, surprisingly, the coat hanger. We started working on making it easy to mount, multifunctional and of high aesthetic appeal.

Lean-to - The leaning shelf

The leaning shelf is something we were working on before the survey but didn’t really push on developing until the results gave us the green light. This will probably be the most complex of the three pieces as we are developing a system of joints that will allow the sides to be disassembled. This will significantly reduce the cost of shipping.

Roundabout - The multifunctional stool

The stool is a mix of three pieces of the higher ranked furniture from the survey. It’s a multifunctional stool with extra storage and integrated cable management solutions. At the same time, it can be used as a nightstand and a tea table. It can also be adjusted to two different height levels. It’s all around genius.

Finalizing the Prototypes

All of the furniture you have seen so far are prototypes. This is why they may look a bit off in the photos. We are still working on finalizing them and getting them ready for production. This means finding the right wood, dimension ratios and features. We are also using all of our design knowledge to find solutions that will bring production costs down and will allow us to manufacture furniture at a larger scale in Vancouver - all while getting these pieces to people at an affordable price.

When the final prototypes will be ready, we will invite you to come and review them in person at the pop-up events we have planned in March.


After the prototyping process is done, we will crowdfund to start production as we have to buy material in bulk to bring costs down. This is where you come into play. We will need you to help us spread the word about our campaign launch in April to get as many people as possible to support us.

We are doing this together.