Should it be just a chair or something more?

Studio Corelam

Our goal is to build furniture that fits modern day living, but what exactly is modern day living?

Families don't spend every evening eating together in the dining room anymore. We eat whenever, wherever and with whomever (people or smartphones). More and more people are moving to cities and living spaces are becoming smaller and smaller. So small in fact, that the huge floor to ceiling wardrobe your grandma left you will never fit into your single bedroom apartment. And what do you do with that massive wooden dining table?

To complicate things even more, we surround ourselves with stuff we don't need to the point that it becomes hard to move in our own apartment. On the other side, minimalists want as few things as possible, but they still want to live a comfortable life.

Studio Corelam

This is where we come in. Designers must get to know all of these problems and solve them in the best possible way. The key is to understand these new challenges. This is why we started off with a survey to get insight into people's homes and lives, before we even start designing furniture for them.

We created a questionnaire with 18 questions and each member of our studio personally made sure the survey would reach as many people as possible. Our goal is to get at least 100 responses and we are already very close. These responses are showing some very interesting patterns. 

Studio Corelam

We are running the survey for a few more days and you can check it out here. We present the findings in the next post.